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The box and packaging industry for many years that we have made a fresh start by the company.

Primary duty to your fellow customers, and a pale stuff forever, you offer an excellent service and our strength in proportion to the social quality approach is to take part in projects of all kinds.

56 people with machine park complete with team members and retaining our valued customers and friends by providing the highest quality with best terms and conditions in our sector, hand in hand to climb the upper ranks of the largest ideal. With the appropriate sales conditions aim to superior service quality. Appreciation for this cause our dear friends, remember that.

Of our country and draw the much needed unity and solidarity in the name of unity and solidarity in these days of purchase for each product Akar Gruop'tan 2.6% Si scholarship to children who have difficulty reading conditions, with food and clothing will be delivered as a possibility.

Had this sense that we would like to thank you for your contributions to our children. Therefore, as the production of Akar gruop friendly to our customers we would like to thank you.

Note: our prices never reflected on the contributions you have made and will not be reflected, projects, studies and contributions to children's social activities and activity days and days on our website you can follow the work of social events, projects sizlerinde contribution we can provide.